Hockey Tours

Are you considering an oversees Hockey Tour?

If you are considering a Hockey Tour for your school or club, International Sports Tours can assist you. With over 30 years’ experience in the Sports Travel industry we have a reputation for delivering top quality sporting tours.

Our unparalleled knowledge and expertise means we can provide you with a perfectly tailor made Hockey Tour program to meet your needs.

If you are planning to travel pre- or post-season, a Hockey Tour is the perfect way for players to grow friendship and experience camaraderie.

Overseas countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Argentina and the USA are home to an array of world-class venues and facilities, many of which can be experienced on a hockey tour.

Some destination provide warmer climates and added bonus or cultural attraction making the Hockey tour and experience to remember.

If you have a genuine interest in organising a Hockey Tour to any destination in the world, please call our office today and speak to one of our friendly team and we will be more than happy to put together a detailed Hockey Tour Package for you.

Alternatively, please fill in the online registration of interest form below and one of our team member will contact you.

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