Schools Sports Tours

When Australian school officials want to organise School Sports Tours the company they go to is International Sports Tours ! Taking an organised group tour is a great chance to broaden the horizons of students.

Touring other countries or regions of Australia is a chance to expose students to different experiences, especially when they attend a sporting event. While a school group is travelling, enhance the trip with educational or recreational tours near the sports venue or on the commute to or from the event. Trust an agency with 28 years of experience in planning School Sports Trips!

A school organiser of a school sports trip may be sceptical about booking a commercially-arranged tour with a travel agent. It may seem easier to arrange all bookings for a school group without professional assistance. Adding up the cost of airfare, hotels, meals, ground transfers, and other services that have been negotiated piece by piece, the total cost is usually more than a professional organised tour.

When a school group counts on the travel experts here, there is no stress and everything is taken care on – it’s a one stop shop. Tour experts take the time to work with quality travel, transportation, dining, and event companies and negotiate for the best group rates.

How It Works

Typically, a travel industry provider will offer a lower rate for larger groups, with the largest groups getting the best deals on blocks of rooms or tickets. It’s called volume discount pricing. Most companies are happy to work with the experts of International Sports Tours. When they get finished quoting their price, they will often hold a request until the entire tour package is agreed to by the school.

Working closely with public and private school administrators and teachers, International Sports Tours provides reputable and credible services. It’s a pleasure to plan and execute an entire tour because its employees are passionate about school travel.

IST’s tour operators gladly handle booking airfare, accommodations, insurance, overseas ground handlers, billeting, coach, ferry, local tour guides, local representatives, coaching clinics, sightseeing, cultural experiences, and Entertainment. These tours are available to any sports event anywhere in the world.

Special Requests are a Pleasure

  • This experience includes comprehensive safety management, ensuring that schoolchildren are always supervised and transported in an appropriate manner, which is sure to reassure parents who cannot attend the trip.
  • Services are also available for family members and fans of a team that must travel domestically or internationally to participate in a sports tournament or festival. With a well-negotiated package price for a sports tour, it’s often cheaper for fans to attend.
  • Custom requests are no problem. IST experts will accommodate all members of a travel group, ensuring that persons with special needs are comfortable on every segment of a school trip.

Before you make a decision for your next School Sports Tour, contact IST. Your phone call or online request is encouraged. Expect a response ASAP because your school’s business is important to us!

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